At Classic Explorations, our mission is to offer you adventurous, overland travel experiences to Southern Africa that are unique and memorable, where besides having the adventure of your life, you will also be contributing towards the upliftment of local communities and the conservation of our environment.


Our exciting fundraising initiatives take you to the Southern African countries of Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia where you will visit some of the regions wildest places and experience world class game viewing, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating cultures, all whilst making a meaningful contribution to very worthy projects on the ground.


We love Africa! And we love camping!


And we firmly believe that driving the dusty roads, shopping in the local markets, sipping a GNT on the bank of the Zambezi and listening to the night sounds from your tent is one of the most remarkable travel experiences you will have. Anywhere.

With Classic Explorations, this is all done in the security of a group and under the guidance of experienced African guides. If this is not enough, here are some more reasons you should join us in Africa:


  • Our Adventures are immersive and change the way you see Africa and her people.

  • All of our Adventures are based around fundraising and responsible travel.

  • Our routes are carefully reconnoitred.

  • Our guides are experienced and well traveled.

  • Safety is our first priority.

  • Having fun is just as important. 

  • Did we mention that WE LOVE AFRICA!


By working hand in hand with selected charitable organisations and beneficiaries, our overland adventures provide unmatched travel experiences for participants, whilst simultaneously facilitating impactful and meaningful philanthropic contributions to specially selected environmental and humanitarian projects in Africa.


All of the self drive overland tours we run have a fundraising initiative attached to them and there is a compulsory donation when you tour with us. Where possible you also get to experience some of the projects and take part in community days whilst on tour.

100% of all money raised, goes directly to the respective projects!