Responsible travel is understanding your affect on the places you visit, both socially and environmentally and trying to make that affect a positive one. Travel is way too important to us not to do it properly! We want you to travel to Africa and we believe that if you come all the way out here, your journey needs to make a difference - a difference to the environments that you visit and a difference to the lives within the communities that you come into contact with. Your journey needs to have a positive impact on the lives of local people, the wildlife, the environment and, just as importantly, on you.


Explorations was established to facilitate meaningful, fundraising travel experiences in Africa. The concept of the “Dtours” fundraising rallies is the foundation on which this company was formed. Two Southern African adventure rallies were held in 2014 and 2016 to raise money for very important rhino conservation projects. Over the 2 years, well over R2,5 million was raised for these vital conservation projects and the idea of a sustainable model to continue these fundraising efforts came about so that we can continue to host fundraising “rallys” as well as other adventures to Africa that “give back” in a meaningful way and have a lasting impact.


We work closely with Imake a difference, a charitable organisation based in New Zealand. 100% of donations raised from tours go directly to Imake a difference, who facilitate the funding of the chosen projects. 100% of the money is used for charitable work - there are no administration fees or management fees deducted from the money you have donated. Whilst on tour with us, smaller projects and activities such as painting classrooms, planting trees for schools, reforestation of degraded woodlands, community soccer tournaments and Rhino Art are all undertaken by participants on our community days. Our larger tours support larger projects and this year we are supporting the building of a new theatre at a remote hospital in Zambia and Save The Rhino Trust in Namibia.


We believe that our adventures in Africa change lives - yours and those of the people and the wildlife that you encounter.


Mukinge Mission Hospital is situated on the outskirts of a town called Kasempa, which is approximately 100 km North of the Northern most border of Kafue National Park. This small but efficient hospital provides vital healthcare to an extensive rural community. New facilities are needed at the hospital of which one of these is a theatre block. Our 2018 Mission to Mukinge, has pledged to raise US$90 000 for this purpose. This money will be used for the theatre building itself. Participants on this year’s tour will get the opportunity to visit the hospital, meet the wonderful staff of Mukinge and visit the site of where the new buildings will be erected.

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On several of our tours our community days have included working on reforestation programs and the planting of trees at schools. Not only does this activity contribute to the rehabilitation of some of the degraded areas we encounter, but it also sends a strong message to rural communities about the importance of reforestation and the consequences of desertification in Africa.


The objective of Rhino Art is to gather the largest number of children's 'Art Voices' ever recorded in support of Rhino Protection, and to use these 'Hearts and Minds' messages from the children of Africa, as a worldwide call to action against Rhino poaching. As part of our community days on tour, participants get a chance to engage with children taking part in Rhino Art and assist the younger children in writing their messages to the world.

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The community days are alway a big hit with participants. These days are usually centred around a school close to one of the camps we stay at. The camps often have a strong connection to the local communities and employ adults from these villages. Smaller projects and activities such as painting classrooms, planting trees for schools, reforestation of degraded woodlands, soccer matches and Rhino Art are all undertaken by participants during our community days.