A self-drive safari in Africa is the ultimate adventure!


At Explorations, we specialise in creating and leading 4x4 camping adventures that take you to some of the most remote regions of the subcontinent. Our routes are carefully thought out and well planned to experience the best these areas have to offer. We stay in handpicked campsites and lodges specially chosen for their locations or uniqeness.  


The vehicles we use are double cab, 4-seater 4x4’s that are fully kitted for camping. Two roof top tents comfortably sleep 4 adults. In the back there is a fridge, kitchen utensils, camping gear and plenty of room for bags and provisions. Our rates are fully inclusive of vehicle hire and are based on 4 people per vehicle.


We also collaborate with Dtours to help run one or two fundraising tours every year. These very popular fun-filled tours are particularly suited to those wishing to meet and travel with other like minded participants. These tours usually include one or two “community days” where participants have the opportunity to get their hands dirty with some of the special projects that have been arranged.